Hieronta Flyktman

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Professional massage therapy

Swedish and sports massage

I combine different massage technics, including both swedish (or classic) and sports massage. I know also passive streches and some manipulation treatments.

Speaks ENglish

I speak English quite well so you are able to tell your problems and what kind of massage you would want.

Located in Linnanmaa

My office is located in the Technology village (Teknologiantie 14 C 4, 90590 Oulu). Show map

Services and price list

30 min = 25 €

45 min = 35 €

60 min = 45 €

75 min = 55 €

90 min = 60

120 min = 75 €

I also sell serial cards (5 h and 10 h). Discounts for students, unemployed and pensioners.

About me

I am Antti Flyktman, 1985 born trained masseuse. I was born in Tampere and lived there for the first 20 years of my life before moving to Oulu in 2005, after my high school graduation.  I came here to study biology and I was graduated as a Master of Science in 2011. After graduation I have done my PhD and I will become as a doctor in autumn 2018.  The threaths associated with the academic career made me consider for a new profession.


I have always been extremely interested – especially through my hobbies – in human physiology, anatomy, performance improvement andthe istability of the body. Therefore the profession of a (sports) massage therepist seemed just right for me. I decided to apply for Oulun hieroja-akatemia (Oulu masseuse academy), where I graduated as a trained masseuse in June 2018. Already during my studies I launched my firm, and here I am, as an entrepreneur and the only worker for Hieronta Flyktman. I have my office at Linnanmaa, but I’m doing part of the week in OZMAX in Kaakkuri.


Free time


 In addition to massage work,my time elapses with my family and hobbies (gym, disc golf, volleyball, and occationally somthing else…also spectator sports). I also enjoy drinking good beers and reading books.